Our history

Erendira was born in 2010, the result of Catia's passion and talent.
Catia began her journey into the world as a child, playing with paper dolls and designing their clothes. A simple activity that laid the foundation for his future career.
After having gained experience in the world of fast-fashion and acquired specific skills in the design and creation of knitwear, working for Les Copains at BVM, Catia decides to undertake a more personal and significant journey in the world of fashion: here Erendira takes life.
Our name, inspired by the work of Gabriel García Márquez, embodies the magic and strength of stories that cross time and space, influencing our vision and our design.

Our Essence

Each garment tells a story, that of Italian tradition that meets innovation and creativity.
Made in Italy for us is not just a brand, it is our essence. Erendira embodies craftsmanship, territoriality and the desire for conscious and sustainable fashion.
Every thread, every stitch tells of expert hands working with dedication and respect for our cultural and artistic heritage.

Our Mission

Creating is not just an act of beauty, but a commitment to the future.
Our mission embraces a fashion that does not have to choose between aesthetics and responsibility.
Erendira Italia is the expression of this balance: beauty that respects the planet, design that celebrates uniqueness, meticulous research into materials for a production that protects the territory

Join us

Explore Erendira's collections and become part of our community: together we can weave the future of fashion, with passion, respect and creativity.
Find out more and be inspired by our lookbooks.