Spring Summer 2024 Collection – “Mother of Pearl”

Spring Summer 2024 Collection – “Mother of Pearl”

In the silent depths where the sea whispers ancient stories, " Mother of Pearl" is born, a song woven between the waves and the legends of mermaids.

The collection immerses itself in the embrace of the sea, where every silence tells a story and every wave draws harmonies. “ Mother of Pearl” is the echo of an underwater world, where fabrics dance fluidly like marine currents, embracing shades ranging from abyssal blue to emerald green, passing through the pink shades of anemones and corals and the warm hues of wild beaches, enriched by details that evoke the delicate whiteness of shells and the subtle glow of pearls.

Mother of Pearl” invites the exploration of unknown horizons, celebrating a freedom that only the infinity of the sea can offer.

Let yourself be lulled by the soft and supple lines of " Mother of Pearl ", we invite you to discover the collection that intertwines the call of the sea with the essence of fashion.

Spring Summer 24 collection

Denim Collection

The Erendira denim collection was specifically created to enhance the attention to detail and the essence of the dynamic, young and fashionable woman.

This collection focuses on using denim as the main material, offering a variety of clothing and accessories to meet the style and comfort needs of modern women.